Monday ~ February 5th
Sunday ~ February 11th

All numbers are not in as yet but more than 1,000,000,000 pesos were raised during SailFest 2017

Since 2002, our annual Zihua Sailfest benefit festival has built 102 classrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and playgrounds for disadvantaged children at more than 30 schools, including 14 brand-new schools in partnership with the local community. Nearly 5,000 bright-eyed young scholars have benefited from your Sailfest participation.
    Sailfest 2016 raised an astonishing $1,394,000 pesos, including generous grants from the Bellack Foundation, volunteer Jane Fiala and cruiser Pete Boyce. Local and international Rotary Clubs contributed an additional $44,250.usd in support of Sailfest's vision of providing an educational opportunity to all of Zihuatanejo's children, regard of income level or social status.
    This Summer, in collaboration with the city government and local businesses, Sailfest/Por Los Ninos built the first new high school in Zihuatanejo in nearly 20 years. This Colegio de Bachilleres opened in August with 130 eager students, and is expected to grow rapidly. We also built an additional classroom at each of 3 Sailfest kindergartens to address increased enrollment
    Sailfest/Por Los Ninos awarded 45 English language scholarships to Ninos Adelante scholars. Thanks to the generosity of the Plymouth-Foothills and Zihuatanejo Rotary Clubs, 48 English language scholarships were awarded to local teachers; and 51 Hospitality English scholarships were awarded to school parents to enhance their opportunities for employment. The Rotary grant also provided a fully-equipped computer room at a Sailfest primary school.
    Carol's Beans & Rice program, co-funded by our sister foundation, Los Ninos, Inc. in the United States, fed more than 30,000 nutritious meals to the very poorest of our students who would otherwise go hungry. Grade point averages increased dramatically.
    The State Secretary of Education has stated that the Zihua Sailfest is the most successful educational fundraiser in Guerrero. Our Municipal Director of Education estimates that approximately 2,500 disadvantaged children are attending school each year because of the cruiser's dedication to Zihua's bright-eyed young scholars.
    Zihua Sailfest begins each year with a Welcome Dance Party on the Monday following Super Bowl.
    Please join us for a week of great fun and heartfelt volunteerism.

Zihuatanejo City Of Peace



In partnership with the United Nations Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo has certified Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo as a "Community of Peace"; the only city in all Latin America to be so honored. As the UN theme for 2013/2014 is "Education for Peace", the Mexican government has asked Por Los Ninos de Zihuatanejo, and our Zihua Sailfest committee, to host the presentation ceremony on Sunday, February 9th. We were honored and thrilled to accept; it will be our closing event. National and International dignitaries will attend. We local Sailfest volunteers are planning a charming welcome for them. This is a really big deal for sleepy Zihuatanejo. Please join us for the exciting celebration!

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