A Very Special Team

This Summer, Por Los Ninos built a new primary school and a new kindergarten in the rural community of Barrio Nuevo. We did not do it along; SailFest funds were not sufficient to the task. The Zihuatanejo and international communities stepped up and made miracle happen. Here is who bought into the shared dream of education for all.

La Colonia 3 de Diciembre donated two lots, side-by-side, for the constructions of a primary school and a kindergarten

SailFest volunteer Austin Brown, our nin-year-old whiz kid, donated $21,000 USD for the materials to build three classrooms and a bathroom at the Primary school

SailFest volunteer Jane Fiala donated $10,000 USD for the materials for the primary school kitchen ~ Viva Ixtapa!

The Zihuatanejo city government supplied sand, gravel and foundation stone, and two workers for each school for 14 weeks. And have reassured us of school certification before commencement of classes in late August. The city and state have promised to provide qualified teachers
Update! They have kept their promises

Ing. Jorge Sanchez Allec, former coordinator of Municipal Public Works and current mayoral candidate, provided the concrete for the floors and roofs, and machinery to level the playgrounds

Grupo El Plateado, our building materials supplier, provided all building materials at their cost. Their manager, Fernando Ceballo, has joined our Por Los Niños advisory committee

CONAGUA is extending the government water system to both schools. The colonia currently has no water system

CFE, the federal electrical commission is extending power to the schools.

The parents raised the funds to provide 1 bricklayer's assistant for each school, built the septic tanks, helped plant 100 trees and plants, and have volunteered additional labor

The Plymouth-Foothills Rotary Club in California has applied for a grant to provide classroom furnishings, ($20,000USD), as part of a $40,000+USD grant in support of other Por Los Niños projects. We await the final signature for approval

The Bellevue Rotary Club wishes to donate additional kitchen equipment for the primary school ($2,000USD)

Department of Medio Ambiente has donated 100 trees and plants for landscaping

SailFest Volunteer Helen Walsh has raised funds for the Kinder bathroom septic tank materials ($1,600USD)

The Springdale Arkansas Rotary Club and the Springdale community (and Austin Brown) donated the materials for the primary school septic tank ($3,200USD)

Por Los Niños has donated approximately $180,000 pesos for the building materials for the two kinder classrooms and bathroom. We also paid for one supervising bricklayer, a metalworker and a plumber for each school and transportation costs for the 4 city workers. Electrical work will come later; fans, lights, and windows are part of the Plymouth-Foothills Rotary grant

Our bright-eyed little scholars crafted petitions to local nurseries asking for additional donated plants for landscaping

Natasha Rosewood, a Canadian SailFest volunteer, collected funds in Vancouver for 72 school desks

The volunteer family Lauer from California and 10 vacationing guests from Club Interwest, helped paint the schools and landscape the grounds

El Club Rotario de Zihuatanejo also helped paint and landscape the schools, and will administer the Rotary Matching grant when received. Por Los Niños will donate $5,000USD to the Club which will be part of the $40,000+USD grant.

Por Los Niños - actually, mostly Jose Bustos, our heroic Mexican committee member - managed the projects, while I coordinated the activities of our partners and paid the bills

Hijole! Magic seems to happen when caring folks work together. I am continually astonished and humbled at the outpouring of support from a world of compassionate volunteers who believe that every child, regardless of social position or income, deserves the right to an education. We are proud and honored to be a part of the process.

On behalf of the children, Gracias a todos!

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